3 Lessons From Not Using A Microwave

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Posted by Gabe Gutierrez on March 11, 2018

3 Lessons Learned From Not Using A Microwave!

Before I continue to write this, I can’t help but first acknowledge my wife in her decision and acceptance of this challenge. She has really taken it seriously and has come up with simple solutions to continue to be efficient while not using a microwave.

My wife and I have finally decided to stop using our microwave. For some time now I have wanted to remove this appliance from our kitchen, but with four kids it can get pretty hectic. The convenience of using a microwave is high in our family with kids ranging from under a year to seven years old.

Now that we have eliminated it from our daily life I am realizing the advantages of not using it.

1. Reheating food tastes much better and is much less soggy.

The reality is it actually only takes a few more minutes, but the taste difference is worth the wait.

2. The counter space it frees up is really nice.

We don’t have a large kitchen for our family size and we love to cook as a family, so having more room is always a plus.

3. The health benefits are the most evident reason.

My mom passed away from cancer in her intestines and I can’t help but partially blame how much she used the microwave to be a factor of that. However, I’m not a scientist so I can’t confirm nor deny it.

On a personal growth level, I have found that this makes a great analogy to life. Unfortunately we live in a world where everything is here and now. I am reminded on how one of my most valued mentors would always say that we live in a microwave generation. We go through life so often moving so fast we forget that some things get better with age. You can’t rush your way through life to attain wisdom. It comes with age. Some things have no express route. There isn’t always a way cheat the system. Even when you can, trying to cheat the system usually doesn’t work either way, at least not without a consequence. It’s like someone who wins the lottery; they usually end up broke before they die. Why? While the lottery may have helped that person financially for some time, it didn’t teach them how to properly manage money. Then as a result the same person who “had it all” now has nothing and is wishing for another chance, but it’s too late. Imagine the feeling.

We can miss so many things in life because we choose to speed by them. Every decision we make is a conscious one and has consequences. I personally struggle with this. Just recently some professional changes put me in a place I didn’t want to be. I wanted my plate of food to be ready to eat now and I wanted it to be the best food ever. Well, realistically that isn’t the case. There are many lessons I still need to learn and it’s extremely important for me to remember that life is a marathon and not a sprint. So with all my rebellion and feeling of lack of comfort, I accepted the challenge before me and I have begun this new professional journey. Is it easy? Absolutely not! Just like the microwave though, I have to look at the benefits as well as the potential end result. I can already see where my current struggle will help me grow. Just like how my reheated dinner tonight tasted much better than if I would’ve zapped it.

At the end of the day a microwave is not a need, and I now see that. Your life is the food and whether you use your stove or microwave to cook it, it is simply a conscious decision made now for what results you want out of it later. I am reminded of James 1:4 that says “But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” It will not be easy, but it will taste much better later.

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